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Suicide Rates Across the United States

In the United States, suicide remains a critical public health problem that deserves increased attention and action. A deep perusal of recent data reveals nuanced variations in suicide rates across states, reflecting complex interactions between multiple factors such as access to mental health care, socioeconomic conditions, and demography, among others. In 2021, suicide rates per 100,000 people ranged from a sobering 32.3 in New York to a somewhat less staggering 7.1 in North Carolina.

Understanding state-specific patterns and trends can help inform targeted strategies and interventions, bolstering national efforts to prevent this tragic loss of life. The high prevalence in specific states lays bare the pressing need for state-level policy reforms and resource allocation to tackle mental health issues effectively.

Key findings from the data include:

  • New York reported the highest suicide rate per 100,000 people at 32.3 in 2021, followed closely by Indiana at 32.0 and Alaska at 30.8.
  • Despite popular belief foregrounding the idyllic nature of rural life, states with significant rural populations like Alaska and Indiana reported higher suicide rates.
  • North Carolina had the lowest suicide rate at 7.1 per 100,000 people, signaling successful interventions and better access to mental health care.
  • Even states with progressive mental health policies and initiatives, like New York, reported high suicide rates, suggesting that addressing mental health issues involves more than just policy and requires a comprehensive approach.
  • Western states, usually reported to have higher suicide rates, did not necessarily rank the highest in this data, underscoring the need for nuanced interpretation and comprehensive suicide prevention strategies.

Mental health care is one of the most pressing issues today and addressing it requires determined efforts at the national, state, and community levels. Understanding the pattern of suicide rates in various states is an important step in this process.

Change in Suicide Rates over Time

The United States has witnessed significant changes in suicide rates from 2005 to 2021, revealing noteworthy trends and regional shifts in this critical public health issue. Notably, New York stands out with a staggering 438.3% increase in its suicide rate, soaring from 6.0 in 2005 to 32.3 in 2021. This substantial spike is one of the most prominent changes in the nation during this period.

Indiana's suicide rate also witnessed a substantial rise, increasing by 171.2% from 11.8 to 32.0. In contrast, Alaska showed a notable decline, dropping by 54.8% from 19.9 to 30.8. These state-level shifts highlight the diverse experiences across the country.

States with larger populations displayed mixed results. California's rate increased by 86.8%, while Texas saw a more modest 27.5% rise. This divergence underscores the complexity of the issue and the need for tailored interventions at the state level.

Regional variations in suicide rates are also evident. The Northeast and Midwest generally witnessed higher increases in suicide rates, with states like Rhode Island exhibiting a striking 227.0% increase, demanding attention and further investigation. 

Southern states had mixed results, with some, like Louisiana, South Carolina, and Tennessee, seeing moderate increases, and others experiencing only slight changes. Notably, New Jersey's suicide rate increased significantly by 147.5%, from 6.1 to 15.1. Meanwhile, North Carolina displayed a 38.3% decline in its suicide rate, going from 11.5 to 7.1. 

States With Highest Suicide Rates

The states with the highest suicide rates per 100,000 people are New York, Indiana, Alaska, Ohio, Delaware, Colorado, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and New Mexico.

Leading the list, New York has the highest suicide rate with 32.3 individuals per 100,000 people. Closely following New York is Indiana with a suicide rate of 32.0 individuals per 100,000 people. Alaska has the third-highest suicide rate, 30.8 individuals per 100,000 people succumb to suicide per year.

Ohio has a suicide rate of 25.0 per 100,000 people, making it the state with the fourth-highest rate. Delaware's suicide rate stands at 23.2, and Colorado's suicide rate is slightly behind at 22.8 individuals per 100,000 people.

Rounding out the list, Michigan's suicide rate is 22.1, Wisconsin comes in with a rate of 21.5, followed by Pennsylvania at 20.8, and New Mexico ends the list with a rate of 20.6.

The top ten states with the highest suicide rates per 100K people, are:

  1. New York - 32.3
  2. Indiana - 32.0
  3. Alaska - 30.8
  4. Ohio - 25.0
  5. Delaware - 23.2
  6. Colorado - 22.8
  7. Michigan - 22.1
  8. Wisconsin - 21.5
  9. Pennsylvania - 20.8
  10. New Mexico - 20.6

States With Lowest Suicide Rates

The ten states with the lowest suicide rates per 100,000 people in 2021 are North Carolina, Iowa, Florida, Mississippi, Idaho, Wyoming, Georgia, Arkansas, Connecticut, and Virginia. The state with the lowest suicide rate is North Carolina, which reported a rate of 7.1 suicides per 100k people for the year 2021. Next in line is Iowa with a suicide rate of 7.9, followed closely by Florida with an average suicide rate of 8.0 per 100k population. Mississippi reported a suicide rate of 9.7, and Idaho documented a rate of 10.0 suicides per 100k people. Wyoming had a slightly higher rate, with 10.1 suicides per 100k population.

Georgia recorded a suicide rate of 10.3 suicides per 100k people, slightly higher than Wyoming. Arkansas reported a rate of 11.1 suicides per 100k residents. 

Finally, Connecticut and Virginia share the same rate of 13.2 suicides per 100k population, placing them in the 9th and 10th positions on this list. 

The ten states with the lowest suicide rates per 100K people, are:

  1. North Carolina - 7.1 
  2. Iowa - 7.9 
  3. Florida - 8.0 
  4. Mississippi - 9.7 
  5. Idaho - 10.0 
  6. Wyoming - 10.1 
  7. Georgia - 10.3 
  8. Arkansas - 11.1 
  9. Connecticut - 13.2 
  10. Virginia - 13.2

Suicide Rates by State


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