States Most Obsessed with True Crime

True Crime Obsession Ranking

Unveiling America's True Crime Obsession

Documentaries, films, podcasts; true crime has taken modern culture by storm. This genre, dipping into real life mysteries and criminal exploits, captivates audience's attention nationwide, serving both a dose of reality and a unique touch of suspense. However, the fascination with true crime varies across the United States, with certain states being more "true crime obsessed" than others. 

Data compiled from a range of sources including Google Trends, most popular true crime podcasts, and statistics on crime-focused TV show ratings reveal both the extent of this obsession and the geographical disparities within it.

Key findings from the data include:

  • Utah stands as the most "true crime obsessed" state in the United States. It led the rankings in terms of interest in true crime media and online engagement with related topics.
  • Following Utah, the states of Arkansas, Oregon, Kentucky, and Kansas round out the top five, demonstrating a substantial interest in this genre.
  • The East Coast seems to be less engrossed in true crime, with Rhode Island, Delaware and Vermont ranking in the bottom five.
  • Surprisingly, states with high population centers such as New York, California, and Texas stood in the latter half of the ranking, occupying 38th, 37th and 34th positions respectively.
  • Across the board, regardless of the state, there was a noticeable surge in true crime interest over the past few years, reflective of national trends.

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