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Ensuring the health and wellbeing of its citizens is a top priority for any nation. In the United States, the state of public health varies from region to region, with different factors contributing to the overall health status of each state. From healthcare accessibility to lifestyle choices, numerous elements shape the health outcomes of individuals and communities.

According to the latest Health Index Score (2023) data, several key findings emerge regarding the healthiest states in the United States:

  • Hawaii claims the top spot as the healthiest state, boasting an impressive Health Index Score of 82.2. The state's commitment to physical and mental health, along with its favorable environmental factors, contributes to its high ranking.
  • Massachusetts ranks second, with a Health Index Score of 78.0. The state's focus on healthcare infrastructure, education, and preventive measures contributes to its strong health outcomes.
  • Utah secures the third position, scoring 77.9 on the Health Index Score (2023). The state's emphasis on wellness initiatives and access to healthcare services plays a vital role in its population's overall health.

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To determine the healthiest states the 50 states were compared across five key categories:

  1. Mortality Rates
  2. Disease Prevalence
  3. Citizen Health
  4. Healthcare Quality
  5. Physical Environment

Each of these was defined via individual metrics that were representation of the category. There was a total of 53 metrics which are listed below. Each metric was graded on a 100-point scale, with a score of 100 being the max. Each metric had states scores distributed from 0 to 100.

Finally, each state’s weighted average was determined across all metrics to calculate category scores. These were then summed to generate the final rank order of the states.

Mortality Rates (30%)

  • Alzheimer's Mortality Rate: Regular Weight (1.9)
  • Cancer Mortality Rate: Regular Weight (3.9)
  • Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease Mortality Rate: Regular Weight (1.9)
  • Diabetes Mortality Rate: Regular Weight (1.9)
  • Flu and Pneumonia Mortality Rate: Regular Weight (1.9)
  • Heart Disease Mortality Rate: Regular Weight (3.9)
  • Hypertension Mortality Rate: Regular Weight (1.9)
  • Infant Mortality rate: Regular Weight (1.9)
  • Kidney Mortality Rate: Regular Weight (1.9)
  • Liver Disease Mortality Rate: Regular Weight (1.9)
  • Maternal Mortality Rate: Half Weight (1.9)
  • Premature Death Rate: Regular Weight (1.9)
  • Stroke Mortality Rate: Regular Weight (1.9)

Disease Prevalence (25%)

  • % Adults with Hypertension: Regular Weight (2.3)
  • Cancer Rate: Regular Weight (2.3)
  • Chlamydia Rate: Half Weight (1.1)
  • Coronary Heart Disease Rate: Regular Weight (2.3)
  • Depression Rate: Regular Weight (2.3)
  • Diabetes Rate: Regular Weight (2.3)
  • Drug Death Rate: Regular Weight (2.3)
  • Drug Dependence Rate: Regular Weight (2.3)
  • Excessive Drinking Rate: Regular Weight (2.3)
  • High Cholesterol Rate: Regular Weight (2.3)
  • HIV Diagnoses per 100k: Regular Weight (1.1)
  • Opioid Misuse Rate: Regular Weight (2.3)

Citizen Health (25%)

  • Childhood Obesity Rate: Regular Weight (1.9)
  • Fruit Consumption Rate: Regular Weight (1.9)
  • Exercise Rate: Regular Weight (1.9)
  • Lack of Sleep Rate: Regular Weight (1.9)
  • Life Expectancy: Regular Weight (3.8)
  • Obesity Rate 2021: Regular Weight (3.8)
  • Physically Inactive Rate: Regular Weight (1.9)
  • Preventable Hospitalizations: Regular Weight (1.9)
  • Smoking Rate: Regular Weight (1.9)
  • Social Isolation Rate: Regular Weight (1.9)
  • Suicide Rate per 100k people: Regular Weight (1.9)
  • Teen HPV Vaccination Rate: Regular Weight (1.9)
  • Vegetable Consumption Rate: Regular Weight (1.9)

Healthcare Quality (10%)

  • Avoided Care Due to Cost: Double Weight (1.9)
  • Childhood Immunization Rate: Regular Weight (1)
  • Dedicated Health Care Provider Rate: Regular Weight (1)
  • Dental Visit in the Past Year: Regular Weight (1)
  • Rate of Dental Care Providers: Half Weight (0.5)
  • Rate of Mental Health Providers: Half Weight (0.5)
  • Rate of Primary Care Providers: Half Weight (0.5)
  • Uninsured Rate: Regular Weight (1)

Physical Environment (10%)

  • Air Quality Index: Regular Weight (1.4)
  • Drinking Water Violations: Regular Weight (1.4)
  • Housing Lead Risk: Regular Weight (1.4)
  • Severe Housing Problems: Regular Weight (1.4)
  • Smoke Free Laws: Regular Weight (1.4)
  • Toxic Chemical Risk: Regular Weight (1.4)
  • Water Fluoridation Rate: Regular Weight (1.4)
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