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Based in Florida, Curley & Pynn is a strategic public relations and marketing communications firm. Since 1984, it has grown into an essential PR partner for industry-leading brands, leveraging its research-backed approach and extensive business knowledge to bridge the gap between clients' current standings and future aspirations. The firm prides itself on its values of leadership, integrity, trust, excellence, and family. By anticipating client needs and providing proactive solutions, the team goes beyond standard tactics, offering strategic consultation based on decades of experience.

Curley & Pynn specializes in a raft of services, including developing communications strategies, increasing brand awareness, building credibility and influence, helping clients speak with confidence, and tackling tough issues. All these services are tailored according to the unique requirements of each client.

The firm caters to diverse industries, proving valuable to associations and nonprofits, economic & community development enterprises, the energy sector, hospitality, travel, tourism ventures, technology companies, and higher education institutions. They are known for their exceptional capacity to generate demand and amplify the impact of their clients, helping them achieve phenomenal growth.

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