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StreetDog Marketing is a digital branding and marketing agency based in Canada, helping pet businesses expand their online presence. They are experts in the pet industry niche, dedicating their experience and passion to developing personalized marketing strategies for each client. Their approach is to understand and leverage the importance of the human-animal bond in marketing strategies unique to pet-focused companies.

StreetDog Marketing offers a range of services tailored to the needs of pet businesses, including social media management, blog writing, website design, and video and photography content creation. Their social media management services aim to grow brand communities and engage with the right audiences for converting followers into customers. The blog writing services put forth ideas to prospective customers, while their website design services involve collaborative work with the clients to create the desired web presence. Furthermore, they harness the ability of video and photography content to engage consumer attention and enhance the brand. StreetDog Marketing mainly works with pet-focused companies, whether those in the early stages of brand establishment, logo creation, and website design, or further along needing guidance with their digital presence.

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