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Starlight PR is a leading music marketing agency renowned for its expertise in providing strategic PR and marketing campaigns that deliver substantial results. Serving over 75% of independent artists, the firm is distinguished as the music industry's #1 most trusted PR firm. Key to their successful approach is fostering and growing media connections to bridge the communication gap between artists and the public. 

The agency offers a suite of go-to-market campaigns, fit for varying budgets. These services include the 'Starter Package', 'Social X Major Labels', '3-Weeks Social X Campaign', and '6-Weeks Social X Campaign'. Each curated offering is designed to provide artists with unprecedented exposure and strategic marketing across numerous platforms. Specifically, services can include playlist placement, podcast and radio interviews, targeted blog and magazine features, and dedicated PR teams. 

Their broad target audience includes both established artists and those on the rise in the music industry, focusing on those aiming to enhance their brand awareness and achieve greater exposure in the music market.

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