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Established in locations including London, Cambridge, and Manchester, Prescription PR is a fervently committed music PR company in the UK. They pride themselves on their genuine love for artists and deep knowledge of music, from grassroots to the biggest names in the industry. Prescription PR offers innovative, cost-effective music PR and marketing campaigns to independent artists, entertainment industry clients, and record labels large and small. 

Their core values center on the discovery and promotion of new artists, adequate publicity for heritage artists, and curated events for music lovers. Their dedication reflects in their comprehensive offerings, which go beyond standard PR services to advice and guidance drawn from their hands-on industry experience.

Their specific services cast a broad net over the music industry, with provisions for Indie music PR, Online music PR, Folk/roots music PR, Jazz PR, music website design, biography writing, brand partnerships, and many more.

Prescription PR's target audience largely consists of musicians, record labels, and other stakeholders in the music industry. They operate with a bespoke approach, creating customer-specific packages that demonstrate their commitment to each project.

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