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NewmanPR is a Miami-based agency specializing in public relations, media relations, social media, and marketing. Since 1946, they have crafted unique, cost-effective marketing communication services, customizing them to fit their client's needs. NewmanPR values a hands-on, creative approach to the public relations landscape, offering its clients transparency, trust, and meaningful results. Lauded for their experience in the news, business, and travel journalism fields, the company provides extensive services, including writing, editing, photography, design, video production, and event organization. Their unique approach helps clients navigate the rapidly changing media environment while tackling crisis and issues management. NewmanPR thrives in the delivery of clear, truthful messaging across multiple media channels - a testament to their long-lasting client retention rate. NewmanPR's target audience comprises businesses and organizations aiming to achieve brand awareness, ranging from stakeholders and clients to employees and consumers. Expertise, strategy, and credibility define this agency.

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