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Heyday PR, located in Dallas, specializes in public relations and marketing, with a unique focus on advocating for professional athletes. Their mission is encapsulated by their motto “For the Athlete.” The team at Heyday PR operates through comprehensive communication strategies, transforming target audience into brand ambassadors. At the core, they believe in partnering with their clients, treating their brand as their own, and ensuring definitive results.

Heyday PR offers well-rounded services such as strategic communications, where they raise clients' profile and awareness through a multifaceted public relations strategy. They also provide crisis management, planning proactively for crisis situations and intervening when necessary to maintain the brand's reputation. 

Their primary target audience ranges from professional athletes in the NFL, MLB, and NBA to non-profit sectors related to athletes and sports organizations like the Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Wings. They also have experience with entities in the entertainment, technology & film, non-profit, and community sectors.

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