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Heron Agency, an award-winning lifestyle communications agency based in Chicago, provides holistic, results-driven campaigns that lead to tangible business results. The agency's core values are nurtured within the expertise and experience of a team of seasoned professionals who produce results with innovative communications and digital technologies.

Heron Agency’s range of services include public relations, digital marketing, social media, influencer relations, and the development of strategic alliances and promotions, each designed with a firm focus on improving a client’s bottom line and profitability. They also specialize in event planning, web development, SEO, and branding, employing best-practice analytics tools to increase their clients’ web visibility and online presence.

Their target audience extends to hotels, theaters, nonprofits, corporations, retailers, and countless events, as well as to promoting product launches and sports teams. Heron Agency’s signature delivery of the 'right message, right place and real results' has earned them the trust and loyalty of their diverse audience base.

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