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Based in the UK, Code Red is recognized as one of the world's leading cybersecurity PR and marketing specialists. With a mature global network, Code Red provides both local and global impact, underpinned by decades of experience and unparalleled expertise. They offer a unique payment by results model, integrating agency specialists into client teams to generate engaging content that reflects a deep understanding of the clients' business. Also, Code Red is known for its fast turnaround service, grounded in teamwork, and is strategic in its approach to PR and marketing. Code Red's services include strategy and messaging, media relations, social media, copywriting, video and digital content, analyst relations, and research. The agency serves clients in the fiercely competitive and fast-growing cybersecurity sector, guiding them from launch and scale-up to international expansion. The target of Code Red are cybersecurity companies intent on engaging new customers, enhancing connections to existing customers, and meeting ambitious growth targets.

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